What is JustDatingSite.com?

JustDatingSite.com is a classical free dating site (JDS) with premium services. This site is a new project of the EU (Lithuania) based professional team with large experience in social networking.

The MVP of the JustDatingSite.com has already been set up using venture capital and is receiving positive feedback from early users. The growing traffic from natural sources is the evidence of the high quality of our project. As a result, a number of new people are getting in touch every day using our dating site.

JustDatingSite.com is a classical free dating site We know that dating site should give singles fast and correct result. We will optimize our service in the way that users could find the first date as fast as possible. We will also automatically find appropriate partners for our users. Our dating service will be easy to use and focused on result.

Business model

Limited Just Dating Coins will be issued by the end of ICO, which will be traded on exchanges.

Dating service will have a lot of paid features for premium users with a fixed price in fiat currencies. These prices will vary for different countries/regions, and 100% of payments will be used to buy out Just Dating Coins (JDC). JDC price will change and the more premium users will pay, the higher JDC price will be.

A set of affiliate programs will be available for webmasters: PPC, PPS, PPL, White Label. Webmasters will get their revenue in Just Dating Coins, and they automatically become coin holders. If they are not interested in selling coins for the current price, they can wait some time for the rate to become higher. JDC will be a good way for webmasters to earn more, because it is a store of value and it’s price will grow with premium users count.

100% of income will be spent for JDC buy out, webmasters and others partners will get 50% and 50% will be spent for service needs: development, administration, support. JDC cash cycle is designed to protect investors, that’s why we use very simple financial model when we forward all incoming fiat money to exchanges to buy coins.

Dating service will have a lot of paid features

White paper

JDS company based on blockchain progressive system for promotion

What we want to do?

Our team is focused on modern economic models

Our team is focused on modern economic models using blockchain technology that will provide the transparency for the investors. The investments acquired during ICO phase, you will be given our coin, it will be issued on the Waves platform and traded on the marketplace. The profits of our services will be used to buy back our coins on the marketplace. The increase of the profits will drive growth of the coin exchange rate.

Just Dating Coin (JDC) is a cryptocurrency with planned emission of 1 mln coins during the ICO.

70% of the JDC coins will be sold at a price starting of 1 mBTC / 1 JDC during the ICO that should attract at least 700 BTC for further service development.

15% of the JDC coins will be sold by the price 0.25 mBTC / 1 JDC at the Step 1 with the aim to attract 50 BTC in investments for the ICO.

15% of the JDC coins will be distributed among key partners and bounty program as described below.



ICO Roadmap

June 1st - July 1st, 2017

Step 1

PRE-ICO, team forming, detailed planning, attracting investments for ICO.

July 1st - 14 August, 2017

Step 2

Preparation of the ICO

15 August - 30 September, 2017

Step 3

Carrying out the ICO

8 - 12 Months

Step 4

Service development according to the roadmap

Month 13 and later

Step 5

Starting of regional projects. All the investments will be directed to marketing in certain regions


Development Roadmap

SEP 30 2017

Website redesign

NOV 15 2017

Payment gateway

DEC 15 2017

Fraud control module

DEC 31 2017

Notification module and Support module

JAN 31 2018

Premium services

MAR 20 2018

PPC partner program

MAY 15 2018

White label solutions

JUNE 15 2018

PPL and PPS partner program

AUG 31 2018

The second half of Premium services

SEP 1 2018

Starting of regional projects

JAN 1 2019

Starting of mobile projects